Lou LaMotte

Lou is a trained Priest/ess and Animal Communicator who helps foster understanding between animals and their people. They believe in co-creating a shared life with animals in the spirit of cooperation and partnership. Through Animal Communication they help animals and humans find that balance by giving voice to animals deep inner lives, needs, and any issues they may be having. They work from a place of knowing that animals lives, intelligence, and magic is equal to our own and this is a principle that they have dedicated their life and work.

They offer:

  • In home and Office sessions in the Portland area

  • Long distance sessions via FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, & Google Hangout

  • Sessions for Animals that have crossed over

  • One on one teaching

Lou LaMotte is a student of Colette Gardiner and graduated The Blue Iris Mystery School in 2016. They also completed 2 years of advanced training with Pomegranate Doyle in 2018. Lou completed the Eagle’s Wing Mentorship with Shayne Case in 2018, and was a student of Animal Communicator Bridget Pilloud in 2014.

What is Animal Communication? 

A simple explanation is that it is telepathic communication between species. That you can send and receive feelings and images from animals and then translate those things. You become a channel for their voice and experience. 
The deeper explanation is that Animal Communication is remembering that we are animals too. It is about reconnecting with that part of ourselves that lived in balance with the Earth and all Her beings. That we are apart of that circle, not the leaders of it. Animal Communication is so vulnerable because it reminds us that we are co-existing on a planet that as a species we are not tending for the good of all. Opening to this connection can help us shift our perspective from only seeing the world through human eyes. I am reconnected to their experience and that irrevocably changes me and how I move through the world. Every time I connect with an animal I am taking small humble steps towards the truth of my own balance, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Animal Communication can help with behavior issues, helping heal trauma, finding out what would make their lives better, introducing new members to the family, group dynamics, finding out about their past, and learning about their deeper spiritual journey.

If you are interested in a session but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, I offer a free 15 minute phone consult. There we can find out if this work is right for you and the animal in your life. Click here to schedule

What to expect at a session: 

Before your session it is helpful to tell your animal companions about the session. This way they are open and ready to communicate. Animals communicate telepathically and we are animals too! We send each other images, feelings, words, and other intuitive information all the time but the dominate culture has trained us out of valuing this information. In our session I go into a meditative state and connect with your animal companion. Then using these intuitive senses we send each other images and feelings and I translate this information to you.

Most animal companion's rest comfortably or sleep during the session. Meanwhile you are open to ask questions, tell stories you feel are relevant, and basically be involved as much as you'd like! I believe that this process is richer and deeper because we are all doing this together. Sometimes the intuition and perspective you hold can open a path of inquiry we may not have reached otherwise!


Your session is subject to your own personal interpretation.  Lou LaMotte is not a veterinary or medical professional. They do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medicines, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Their work is intended to
complement veterinary care – not replace it. Please note that any information found on this site is not presented or intended as substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. The information provided on this site and during an appointment does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, veterinary, or financial advice. The client – receiving the services provided by this site and its owner – is responsible for all of their own choices and/or actions. Lou LaMotte reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a session or workshop. Lou LaMotte also has the right to refuse clients who are abusive, non-paying, harassing, late, disrespectful, threatening, and/or offensive. If you have any questions please message me.




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