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Animal Communication Drop In - 12pm-4pm $15-30

Missed the first Drop in?

DROP IN READINGS! Come and get a 15 minutes reading for your pet! Have a burning question? Always wanted to know why they do those things they do? Come down and find out! Shop F&F amazing garden center while you wait or get expert advice on what your pet needs! 
Bring a photo of your pet if they can't come with you (cats, rabbits, horses, birds, etc) 
$15-30 sliding scale for 15 minutes

Come see me at:

Salty's Pet Supply SaturdAY January 13th 

Three Paws Neighborhood Pet Supply Sunday JANUARY 21ST

Fang & Feather Neighborhood Pet Supply Sunday JANUARY 28TH

First come first served
Excited to meet your loves!


Opening to Connection: Animal Communication Basics

April 7th 6pm-8pm at Sea Grape Bath + Body

What is Animal Communication?
A simple explanation is that it is telepathic communication between species. That you can send and receive feelings and images from animals and then translate those things. You become a channel for their voice and experience. 
The deeper explanation is that Animal Communication is remembering that we are animals too. It is about reconnecting with that part of ourselves that lived in balance with the Earth and all Her beings. That we are apart of that circle, not the leaders of it. Animal Communication is so vulnerable because it reminds us that we are co-existing on a planet that as a species we are not tending for the good of all. Opening to this connection can help us shift our perspective from only seeing the world through human eyes. 

In this beginning workshop we will look at what is blocking us from communicating with animals (or believing that we are!), learn the basic tools for communicating, and self care practices for both you and the animals in your life.

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