What is Animal Communication?

A simple explanation is that it is telepathic communication between species. That you can send and receive feelings and images from animals and then translate those things. You become a channel for their voice and experience. 
The deeper explanation is that Animal Communication is remembering that we are animals too. It is about reconnecting with that part of ourselves that lived in balance with the Earth and all Her beings. That we are apart of that circle, not the leaders of it. Animal Communication is so vulnerable because it reminds us that we are co-existing on a planet that as a species we are not tending for the good of all. Opening to this connection can help us shift our perspective from only seeing the world through human eyes. I am reconnected to their experience and that irrevocably changes me and how I move through the world. Every time I connect with an animal I am taking small humble steps towards the truth of my own balance, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

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Lou offers:

  • In home and Office sessions in the Portland area

  • Long distance sessions via FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, or Google Hangout

  • Sessions for Animals that have crossed over

  • One on one & group teaching

  • Custom Flower & Gem Essence Blends for your animal companion

How does Animal Communication work?

Animals communicate through telepathy - sending each other pictures, feelings, body language and using all the senses to communicate. We are also animals and communicate using some of the same techniques, although mainstream culture has taught us to really only focus on our literal hearing, literal sight, and literal speech, so much of the information coming through us on this intuitive level gets incorporated into what we perceive to be our own thoughts. An example of this is when you randomly think of your friend and then the phone rings and it’s them, or when you are deeply engrossed in your show and then you suddenly think “oh, it’s time to feed the dogs!”. Most of the time they have been sending you images of their food bowls! We use this intuitive type of communication all the time with each other, and because we are animals too, we can use the same techniques with other animals with some intention, mindfulness and practice.

In an Animal Communication Session I will connect with your animal companion through deep meditation and ask the questions you have through sending images, feelings, and words. They will send images, feelings, and words back to me which I will then translate back to you. I use a combination of experience, intuition, psychic and magical training, and channeling to help you and your animal companion find your most loving connection.

Animal Communication can help with behavior issues, helping heal trauma, finding out what would make their lives better, introducing new members to the family, group dynamics, finding out about their past, and learning about their deeper spiritual journey. It is not a replacement for veterinary care, but a compliment.

What are Flower/Gem/Environmental Essences?

Essences are a powerful, subtle, vibrational medicine - they help us realign. I like to explain Essences by asking you to think of a giant Redwood tree - how does it feel to stand in the presence of that tree? And then think of a Violet - so different, right!? Essences are potentized water, made in ceremony, that hold the energy of a plant, gem, tree, or environment. They are safe for animals, children, and are not contraindicated with any other medicines because they are energetic medicine and work with the subtle body, our emotions, the heart, and the unknown places. They are both amazing powerful and gentle at the same time.

For more information about flower essences please read Dori Midnight’s beautiful and extensive article here

When I make an Essence, first I clear and ground my energetic body so that I can be open and available to listen to the being I am making an essence with. I sit with the being (a flower, gem, or environment) and ask permission to work with them. I make an offering and ask them to tell me about what medicine they are offering. I ask them about what they have to offer the humans and the animals for healing. I start in the morning on a sunny day, and once they have told me it’s time, I place my clear glass bowl down and pour spring water in the bowl. I then use sticks, leaves, or chopsticks to gently pick the blossoms / place the gem into the water. During this process I continue to make offerings, maybe singing or talking to them until the water is completely covered with blossoms / the gem is in the water. The Essence then sits in the full sun and I continue to check in with the medicine until they tell me they are “done”. I then gently remove the blossoms/gem and offer them back to the Earth, as well as some of the potentized water. This is called the MOTHER and it is bottled with 50% potentized water and 50% alcohol to preserve the water. Drops of this MOTHER Essence are then bottled into a separate bottle of spring water & alcohol - this is called a STOCK bottle. Drops from the STOCK bottle are then used to to make your animal companion’s DOSAGE bottle, which is the medicine they take.

How are Essences made?

(as taught to me by Shayne Case)