As the days grow shorter we are drawn deeper into the dark and our attention may start to go inward. Our rhythms might slow down and the desire to sink into that rest and nourishment whispers at our intuition….but it seems that the world around us is not moving that this same pace! Modern life is hectic as the holidays, work, family, and other obligations keep us busy, distracted and in a constant state of motion despite the Earth around us starting to settle into Her long slumber.

This series is a call to stop. To take a breath and find some rest and the deep nourishment in the true quiet of this season, and to find your own pathway through this deep Winter quiet.

HIBERNATION is a 4 part monthly series to help you find rest and nourishment in the richness of Winter. Each month you will be guided to explore your own personal den for the Winter, look at what rest is, what rest is the most nourishing to you and why it's so hard to do it, drift into deep dreaming, and how to take that spark of that dreaming into the newness of Spring.

In this offering you will

  • be guided through meditation to find your personal den for the Winter

  • find some ways to listen to what your body needs during each shift of the season

  • have space to learn how you want to experience the season

  • be in community while having space for your own explorations

  • learn some clearing, inviting, honoring, and celebratory tools for you and your loved ones

  • have journal prompts through the season to help explore your experience

  • give yourself permission to simply rest when you need to

  • create a dream journal and work with your dreams

  • be held and supported to do as much or as little as you like!


LISTENING : Thursday 21 November 2019

We will explore how to open up and listen to what our bodies need to prepare for this upcoming Winter Season. We will start to prepare our dens and our bodies for this shift into the beautiful dark. We will also meet that night for an opening meditation via Zoom from 6-8pm PST.

REMEMBERING REST: Thursday 19 December 2019

We will look at what rest is and open to what our bodies and minds need to do to find true rest. We will look at what keeps us from resting, and how to work with those blocks. We will talk about the dominant culture’s push to never rest and discuss how we have found ways to make space for ourselves. We will also meet that night via Zoom for a Live Winter Solstice Ritual from 6-8pm PST.

DEEP DREAMING: Thursday 23 January, 2020

We will explore dreaming in the beautiful darkness of winter, while knowing the light is slowly returning. We use this in between moment to call dreaming forth, to know ourselves through our dreams, and to start to see what the new light reveals in these quiet moments.

AWAKENING: Thursday 20 February 2020

We will collectively stretch of our awakening bodies in this in between time. While we are still full of softness and dreaming, we will work with the little spark of reawaken your body and help you stretch into your edges. We will see where you begin and where you end and what new shapes you have created in your rest.

In these monthly offerings we will look at

what blocks you from resting

how to make a sacred space for yourself in the real world or energetically

what are your dreams telling you

connecting with guidance in these dark months

how to listen to what your body needs

how to support each yourself through holiday stress

how to sink deeper into your own knowing

You will also receive links each month to:

  • a monthly offering of an audio recording of a guided meditation

  • a printable workbook filled with journaling prompts and tools and techniques to support you through winter

Some of last year’s HIBERNATION participants shared this about their experiences:

Lou’s Hibernation series was absolutely gorgeous. It was beautifully delivered- everything from the written booklet full of stunning and soothing visuals, to the guided meditations, created a soft cocoon, or den if you will, that held me through winter with such gentleness I remembered that rest is not only natural but essential. There were practices offered, never forced, that helped me strengthen and deepen my own magical practices and create places of safety and relaxation that were more needed that I’d even realized. I thoroughly fell in love with winter this season and I’m very grateful for this offering that gave me healing and wholeness. I kind of didn’t want it to end, but alas, the wheel turns. I’ll look forward to doing these practices for many winters to come.
— Jamie
Each year I grow more determined to stop dreading winter and embrace the season- this series was exactly what I was looking for! The candles and essences are potent, the meditations are relaxing (I fell asleep to them a few times and it was deep, wonderful sleep), and each phase helped me drop deeper into the beautiful offerings that nature has for us even during the darkest months of the year.
— Laura
The Hibernation Series by Lou LaMotte is the perfect and much appreciated companion for the winter months. Our time and culture don’t allow much space for downtime, so this series is a great way to help create the time and space for a quiet retreat that felt nurturing and in tune with the season.
— Caroline
The hibernation series is a real gift for anyone who struggles with winter.
— Alice
Hibernation helped me to feel completely at one and supported during winter, a season which has often proven challenging for me in the past. The meditations and workbook material were life-changing, and the connection to my den is a gift that just keeps on giving.
— Goldie

This series might be a good fit for you if:

  • you dread the Winter time and are looking for a new way to engage with the season

  • you are looking for an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season

  • you would like some easy ways to celebrate the seasonal shifts

  • you are looking for community to connect with through the winter time

  • you want to learn more about how your body likes to rest

  • you want to do dreamwork or work more intimately with liminal spaces

  • you would like to work with a program designed to help you find your own rhythm and to work at your own pace


This series is $160

Included in this price is:

  • 4 hours of live get together time on Zoom where we will connect, do rituals, and you will be able to ask questions

  • Access to the recorded live get togethers to be watched at your own pace

  • A 40+ page PDF workbook that you will receive in sections before each class

  • 4 hours of recorded guided meditations that you may download and save for future use

  • Email support throughout our time together

You may also space out payments and purchase the series month by month in the shop.

Ready to Hibernate?

We will practice not doing.

We will challenge the mindset that we must always be producing.

We will make space for dreaming, hibernate, and restore ourselves through the beautiful darkness of Winter.

Are you ready to rest?

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“The ritual of using the candles and drops helped remind me that feeling tired and craving rest are an everyday normal part of the winter season and these feelings should not only be honored, but can even be heightened through the use of those tools and also the meditation.”  -Laura

“The ritual of using the candles and drops helped remind me that feeling tired and craving rest are an everyday normal part of the winter season and these feelings should not only be honored, but can even be heightened through the use of those tools and also the meditation.”



You may also add extra support your monthly Hibernation work by purchasing the Monthly Candle & Essence Kit. This Kit is designed to carry you through the Winter and HIBERNATION and to support you through the 4 different parts of the offering. The intention is to deepen your experience and help you create an easy daily ritual to connect to your own Hibernation. Each part of the series has a designated kit designed to help with the energies we are working with : Listening, Resting, Dreaming, and Awakening. Each Kit includes:

  • 4 small Magic Hour Ritual Candles

  • 4 custom Flower & Gem Essence Blend made by Lou

  • 4 info sheets filled with candle rituals, all about your essence blend, and the energies we are working with

This whole Kit will be shipped to you at the beginning of HIBERNATION.