As the days grow shorter we are drawn deeper into the dark and called to go inward… but it seems that the world around us is not moving that this same pace.

This series is a call to find some of that rest and nourishment in the richness of this season. You will receive in your inbox a monthly offering of an audio recording of a guided meditation, journaling prompts, and you will learn magical tools and techniques to support you through winter based on the theme of each month. There is also an optional Facebook group you can join so we can help support each other.

We will practice not doing. We will challenge the capitalist mindset that we must always be producing. We will make space for dreaming. We will rest and restore ourselves through these beautifully dark months. Each month you will be lead deeper into your own den so you can rest and dream.

This 4 part series is a call to find rest and nourishment in the richness of Winter. In this series you will explore your own personal den, look at what rest is and why it's so hard to do, drift into deep dreaming, and how to take the spark of that dreaming into the newness of Spring.