Tips for Holiday Travel with your Pets

As the holiday season quickly approaches us it is easy to get pulled into the hustle and bustle. Many of us travel for the holidays and often our animal companions get a little lost in that rush. 

 To help ease the stress here are some tips for traveling with your pets:

1. Tell them what the plan is! How long are you going to be gone? How are you getting there? Often we will get so caught up in our busy lives we forget to tell our animals what is going on. All of a sudden the suitcase is out and they have been in the car forever! Talk to them. Tell them what is happening : “Hey Fluffy, we are going to my folks house in 2 sleeps/days. You are coming with me. We are going to drive there and then stay at their house for 4 sleeps. Then we are packing the car back up and we are coming home together.” Just like a lot of us, knowing the plan can helps ease stress!

2. Show them how you are getting there: Show them the route in your mind. If they are driving with you - show them the car, the freeway, gas stations. If they are flying on a plane - help them be ready. Show them what the plane looks like. Think about what it smells as sounds like. Show them the TSA area and the food courts. Help them be ready for this weird new place. 

3. Be prepared: Make sure you have all the things your pet might need to ease the transition. Bring their beds if you can, or a planet that smells like home. Have Rescue Remedy Flower Essence Blend or other relaxing herbs and flower essences. Do they need anxiety or relaxation medication from the vet? Pack their favorite toys, treats, and foods for the road and for when you get to your destination. 

4. Give them time to adjust: Remember that like us, our animal friends also need sometime to adjust after traveling. Give them some space to check out the space and any outdoor areas that are safe for them to be in. Set up their bed so they know where “their place” is and where their food and water is going to be.