From our babies to our elders


A friend and I were talking about our old dogs. We all lived together for a long time and call them brothers still, and they have such a sweet friendship even though we haven’t lived together for awhile now. It’s a humbling experience to be in connection with a being’s whole life span. To see them through the first moment they enter your home to basic movements become challenging. It is a powerful gift and a hard responsibility. ⠀

Often we are so worried about these golden years. As humans, our minds seem to immediately jump to our companion’s death or some other worry, but these years can be so beautiful too. Try to be in your animal body instead of you human brain, and feel into the richness of time you have spent together and ask:⠀

What have I learned in our lives together?⠀

What are the most powerful ways we connect now in comparison to when we were younger?⠀

What brings you the most joy now?⠀

How can I best support you?⠀

Just be with them. They have wisdom for you now as your Grandparent. It is your turn to learn.