Energetic Protection Practices

This month I had the immense pleasure of talking to a group of Brownie Girl Scouts about Animal Communication. Amazingly though we ended up talking about boundaries and protection most of the time! It was SO healing to tell these young people how to recognize and "let go" of emotions that aren't theirs, and how to brush energy off themselves! 
Which got me thinking about my own energetic boundaries. After years of draining myself, having horrible boundaries, and way overdoing it, I am so grateful for the help of my incredible teachers Colette Gardiner, Pomegranate Doyle and many others. I have gratefully learned tools to set up boundaries and protection for daily living, social events, and other big icki things. 
So I made a list of some of my favorite protection tools.



Gems and stones have always been my favorite protections! I've always loved the weight of stones rattling in my pockets and holding them when I need a little extra support. There are so many gems that help with protection! There are gems for each specific need: travel, psychic attack, astral travel, and on and on. I chose four that I love and use daily. These are my go to gems for protection.

OBSIDIAN - super protector! I love obsidian for when I need a powerhouse. I have them buried all around our home to protect us and call upon them when I need some intense boundaries. I carry them around in my pocket when I'm heading into intense or uncomfortable situations. For some reason I think of obsidian when I'm needing extra protection of body. 🕳


BLACK TOURMALINE - I love black tourmaline for protecting myself from negative psychic energy. I imaging all those cracks and crags just absorbing everything up. They clear away the old stories and make space for your true self while creating a protective space for you to explore.

ROSE QUARTZ - generally used for heart healing but I love her for creating a soft and loving space of protection. For many years I was so sensitive that I felt like I had to hold my boundaries like hard stone walls. After working (and sleeping!) with rose quartz for a year, she taught me about strong gentle boundaries. That loving myself and feeling grounded created an unshakable protection of my heart.

AMETHYST - this soothing beauty, this gentle love. Whenever I hold her, I feel like she is actually holding me. A beautiful wash of purple helps me surrender and release while also holding a soft but strong boundary for me. She was a great
protector when I was having panic attacks and nightmares, keeping me in a sweet loving wash of purple.

Gem’s are great but taking their essence is also a powerful way to work with them. With their rising popularity it is easy to forget that they are mined from the Earth from all over the world, often not in loving ways. Gem Essences are a way to take the medicine of the gem without needing to “own” them.


Herbs are such incredible Allies! Wether grown in your yard, tucked into your pocket, or as an essence or tincture, herbs are powerful protectors. My favorite way to take them are essences, but when my anxiety is high tinctures or fresh herbs in my pockets are great for soothing my nervous system and helping my boundaries strengthen.
LAVENDER this sweetheart, the herb of my French people. The Ancestors once showed me how they swaddled their babies in lavender to introduce them as their first allies, the sweet smell relaxing them to sleep and protecting them at the same time. She is my favorite teacher - reminding me that boundaries can be gentle.
ROSEMARY I know I just wrote about Rosemary's awesome clearing powers recently, but she is also an incredible protector. My partner, Bran always reminds me of the old saying about how a rosemary bush always grows big to protect a witches house. Hang her on your doors and plant her in your yard. She will quickly become your best friend!
YARROW These summer beauties. I love taking yarrow flower essence to help me to clarify boundaries between people, energies, and environments, especially when I am feeling depleted and need a little help drawing those boundaries.


As a super sensitive person moving through the world, I needed all the protection tools I could get to get through my day. They were my life blood between anxiety and panic attacks. I felt besieged by all the energies around me. Ancestors, animals, trees, people’s moods, land spirits... everything was talking to me and getting caught in my nervous system. Learning tools to help me clear and protect my energy helped me regain myself. Once I understood that clearing and protection were going to be active and daily practices for my wellbeing, my life improved drastically. I started to feel empowered and less of a victim of circumstance. So I thought I would share my daily practice with you all!

DAY getting enough sleep is so important! I struggle with this, but am working on it nightly. Then I meditate / journal / have quiet tea time. This moment of calm is vital in my self care. It always help me clear myself in some way, either through releasing my thoughts or connecting with my breath. Before I set out for the day I put a CIRCLE OF PROTECTION around myself. This looks like visualizing a bubble around myself if whatever form it comes; sometimes it is soft and flexible, and sometimes it is fierce and strong. I allow it to appear how ever it needs to. If I am feeling extra sensitive I will put up SHIELDS. This is what it sounds like! I call up the energy of protection and imagine a big protective shield in the front and back of myself. I check in with them through my day to make sure they are still strong! ..

MAINTENANCE if I am ever feeling like things are stuck to me throughout the day, I will use a clearing breath to help release stuff. I gather my energy and take a deep breath and on the exhale just forcefully release everything that’s not mine. Then I brush or spritz myself down to catch any of the remaining stuff. ..

NIGHT at the end of the day I make sure I clear my energy. Sometimes I wash it away by showering and rinsing the day’s energy off me.
Clearing and protecting my energetic boundaries is a PRACTICE! 
I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be, but I am always working on strengthening my practice. 


One of my favorite tools that I learned from Colette Gardinier is charging a piece of jewelry or object with protective energy to carry with me or wear everyday. There is a ritual about putting the necklace on or slipping that object in your pocket. ⠀

To charge your object:⠀
Choose a piece of jewelry or an object that feels really good to you. Something that makes you feel expansive and protected.⠀

Clear it by placing it in a bowl of salt, running it under a clearing the smoke of cedar, lavender, sage, or rosemary. ⠀

Once cleared, place the object in front of you. Start to imagine all the protective energy swirling around you. I like to call in protective animals, roses, thorns, protective trees I work with, and everyone and everything that helps me feel grounded and safe.⠀

From a grounded place, I gather my energy up. You can rub your hands together to build up that energy. I like to think of this action like when you are getting ready to make a wish and blow out your birthday cake candles. Build the energy up until it feels like its going to burst! ⠀

Direct that energy into your hands, take a deep breath in and then exhale all the protective energy out in your exhale and down through your hands! Let it all shoot out into your object. Repeat a few times to make sure all the energy is released. ⠀

Make sure you have fully released it. Imagine all the threads of connection leaving you and going into the object. Take another deep breath and seal all that big beautiful protective energy in the object by taking another deep deep breath and imagining the energy setting into your awesome new protection amulet!