Crossing Over


I'm feeling that veil start to thin with the shift of the season and I've been thinking about my familiar Basil. She came into my life with her brother Omar as kittens when I turned 18 and were my first animal friends as a grown up adult person living on my own. I was barely an adult and barely living on my own, but they made me feel like an adult and I loved them. Omar was with us until he was 2. He lost his life to a car and a teenager who I ignored when he came back to bring me flowers and apologize. Then it was just Basil and me. ⠀
We lived together for 12 years, with lots of moves and accidents and 2 near death experiences. She sat on my lap when I meditated and snuggled me at night. At 12, over 7 years ago now, her health declined rapidly and I had the impossibly hard, and beautiful job of helping her cross over. ⠀
I wanted to offer some of what I learned in that process, and through my work as an Animal Communicator.⠀

Before the crossing : ⠀
build an Altar for them and celebrate their lives. Tell their stories.

Call in a Guide, Guardian, Ancestor, Loved One, or Deity to be with your animal friend so you can take breaks and know they aren't alone. ⠀

Let them lead. If they want to sleep next to the stove all night, let them. (I'm looking at you Basil)⠀

Trust your intuition. Trust your connection with each other. Trust what they are telling you. ⠀

It is never easy and knowing when "the right time is" always feels impossible until it is the right time. Then you know. ⠀

After : ⠀
Encourage them to cross. They will - almost every animals expect humans cross easily, but remind them that you will be ok and encourage them to cross. ⠀

I try to only think of them crossing for 3 days after. I think about what the Summerland must be like and how much snacks they are eating. I give myself this boundary to help them continue to cross and let my grief channel into this beautiful vision. ⠀

Cry anytime you need to and remember that you are not alone in knowing that your animal friend was family. and your best friend. and you most trusted confident. You can grieve them however you need to. ⠀

Build a new altar in their favorite place. Charge a candle with your love and grief and let it burn all the way through. When its done, check in to see if the altar is done too. ⠀

Create a way or place to honor them. Plant a new plant in their name, create an outdoor altar, or make a portrait of them. ⠀

Establish some new routines. If you walked your dog, try taking yourself on a different walk. Walk to the cafe and have a coffee. Find some new habits that feel good and try to do them often. ⠀

And finally: ⠀
Be gentle. It takes time.